Transgender model spends over $200K to look like Jessica Rabbit

13 November 2015 / 11 months 2 weeks ago

There's a new sexy Jessica Rabbit in town, and it's not model Heidi Klum's Halloween outfit.

According to WetPaint, a transgender model has spent over $200,000 to look like the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. 

Cassandra Cass appeared on Nov 10's episode of Botched!, a plastic surgery show. She explains what she's done to look like  the animated character.

“Facial feminization surgery, brow shave... I’ve had my nose done, I’ve had my lips done, I’ve had my cheeks done, and then I’ve had two Adam’s apple shaves.

“I’ve had my breasts done, and then I had my hips done, my butt done, and then finally, I had my outie made into an innie.”

The doctors did not understand her reference at first, till she revealed with another Rabbit analogy. “I used to be Roger!” indicating that she's a male-to-female transgender.

The model explains she’s visiting Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow to resolve issues with her nose and to get their greenlight on getting “that tiny, little Jessica Rabbit waist.”

“Cassandra’s really beautiful and really does actually look a lot like Jessica Rabbit,” Terry says. “The fact that she’s transgender just goes to show you how far she’s come.”

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