Transgender brother and sister swap sexes

8 December 2015 / 10 months 2 weeks ago

Pair of siblings, a brother, Russie and his sister, Aly have both come out as transgender after struggling with their gender identity from a young age.

According to a report in AsianTown via online sources, Aly McGarrity was a tomboy who liked to playing football with the boys while his older brother, Russie enjoyed playing dress up with the girls.

However, Russie was bullied in school and adopted an androgynous look. However, the pressure got to him and he slowly spiraled into depression.

His mother, Mrs McGarrity, from Conneticut said his school struggled to understand Russie's struggle. They even threatened to expel him after he ran into the girl's toilets.

But the family was not aware that their daughter, Aly was also struggling with her identity.

After researching transgender on the internet, Aly realized that she had been born the wrong sex and that she wanted to be a boy.

She then revealed that she was transgender to her brother, Russie just a few days before her 15th birthday and broke the news to her mum with Russie by her side.

“I know that I'm transgender. I've always wanted to be a boy. I never told you this, but when I was little, I would go to sleep and wish that I'd wake up a boy,” she said.

A month later, Russie confessed that he too was transgender and both siblings, after receiving counselling, have decided to go ahead with gender reassignment surgery.

Today Russie, 20, is known as Rai, while Aly, 17, goes by the name Gavin.

But their parents said nothing had changed as far as how much they love their children.

Mrs McGarrity said: “People ask me what I've lost, but I don't feel that I've lost anything. I have my son and daughter the way they should be.”

Gavin said that it had been his parents' unwavering support and unconditional support that had allowed him and his sister to become the people they wanted to be.

Gavin is now due to undergo surgery to remove his breasts while Rai has already had a painful facial surgery to appear more feminine.

Rai, who has a boyfriend, also video blogs about her life as a transgender woman and has more than 6.5million views.

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