Is Tracy Ip expecting a baby? She hints that something 'came late'

29 December 2015 / 9 months 3 weeks ago

The 2005 Miss Hong Kong has been married for half a year now, and rumours of her expecting have recently surfaced.

While dining out at a restaurant in Central, Hong Kong, spectators could not help but notice that Tracy who was accompanied by her husband had a protruding belly.

According to Asian E-News Portal, via Ming Pao (HK), reporters contacted her regarding the possible pregnancy, to which she gave a response.

She said, "Recently, something came late, it was not on time. But as of now I do not know yet!"

Tracy also explained that her protruding belly was likely to be a result of the filling meal with her husband.

When reporters pointed out her fuller figure in a recent photo of the couple, she joked that it may be a problem as she might have gained weight.

"We are still working hard."

"We have been working hard to conceive for awhile!"

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