Tracy Chu finally gets her 'revenge' on Timmy Hung for all the times he teased her

22 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Tracy Chu plays a cruel, bratty, but brilliant hacker in the TVB crime drama The Fixer, a series about a secret underground organization of problem-solving experts.

In the series, Tracy and costar Timmy Hung play a bickering pair who accidentally gets themselves married in a casino city.

Tracy shared, “My character is quite brutal. I get [Timmy] drunk, strip him naked, and then take him out to the city so people can take pictures of him. When I get mad, I throw things at him, such as milk and sandwiches!”

(How was Timmy’s physical state during this scene?) “It’s a good thing that he has a martial arts background, so I wasn’t worried for him.”

Mentioning that it appears Tracy is avenging for herself, as Timmy often teases and tricks her during game shows, reports Jayne Stars

Tracy laughed and said, “I’m just following the script, but I expect him to take his revenge later!”  

Despite their hate-love relationship in the series, Timmy’s character cares deeply for Tracy and often protects her.

Tracy shared an experience, “There’s a scene in which I get abducted, tied, and dumped into the sea. Timmy saw that I was in the water for a long time, and decided to get help to pull me back up.”

Tracy said she likes to be protected. “Scenes where the prince saves the damsel in distress always warms my heart,” she admitted.

“I like boys who are strongly protective.”

Asking if she would have a flash marriage like her character in the series, Tracy said,

“I will not, because once I get married, it will be forever. I’ll consider marriage after a long time of dating. I’m not the kind who would randomly meet a boy in the streets. I’m more traditional in this aspect. I cannot not consider my parents when it comes to marriage. Besides, I like the traditional route—from getting to know each other, to dating, to marriage, to have kids!”

Even so, Tracy said she does not have a limit age on when she wants to get married.

“Work comes first!”

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