Theresa Fu overcomes abuse scandal with ex-BF Him Law, only to face plastic surgery rumours

12 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

Since Theresa Fu‘s (傅穎) abuse scandal with ex-boyfriend Him Law (羅仲謙) in 2011, Theresa has shifted her career to Mainland China.

Filmko, who had managed both artistes at the time, decided to relocate Theresa to China while continuing to promote Him in Hong Kong.

Despite being an alleged victim, Theresa suffered from a downward spiral in popularity and struggled with anxiety in her career, reports JayneStars.

At a recent promotional event, Theresa’s facial features appeared to be drastically different from the past. Instead of her trademark round and full face, Theresa’s jawline was noticeably sharper.

Regarding allegations that she has transformed her face with plastic surgery, Theresa explained, “I feel that I am continuously improving and know how to apply makeup and dress better.

"When I look back at myself from ten years ago, I was scared too. Every time I am in the public eye, everyone says my features have changed.”

When asked whether she agreed with the public’s views on her changes in appearance, Theresa said, “It’s already been so many years.

"Maybe you just haven’t seen me in a long time and your image of me has remained in the past more than ten years ago.”

Without flatly denying the plastic surgery claims, Theresa further expressed, “[The media] just wants to know whether or not I have had plastic surgery.

"[The media] can think whatever it wants. At this point, there is no need for me to explain.”

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