Thai model 'possessed' by cannibalistic spirit on live TV

11 July 2016 / 3 months 2 weeks ago

A model agreed to be 'possessed' by a legendary and supposedly cannibalistic spirit on live TV in Thailand.

Footage of the bizarre event circulated online and shows the woman sitting with two hosts when she starts making strange guttural noises before howling at the male host's necklace.

The hosts then take advantage of the spirit being 'powerless' to interview it, asking it why it possessed the model.

According to Unilad, the spirit answers in a strange voice: "Someone sent me here!"

It then demanded pig's blood but refused to name the person who sent it.

Before the alleged possession, the model, Thippawan “Pui” Chaphupuang, said she was often visited by a sinister ghost and exclaimed that a 'Pop' had come to possess her 13 minutes into the interview.

'Pop's are sinister figures in Thai folklore that are woman-like creatures that devour human flesh.

Legend goes that the 'Pop' was created when a prince who had learnt the secret of swapping bodies with animals tricked a servant into forfeiting her body and then destroying it, dooming the servant to live on as a ghost forced to feed on humans to survive.

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