Television reporter tests ‘knife-proof’ vest -- only to get stabbed in the back

13 January 2016 / 9 months 2 weeks ago

An unsuspecting Israeli television reporter was ironically stabbed while demonstrating a ‘stab proof’ vest.

Eitam Lachover was accidentally stabbed by Yaniv Montakyo, the vice president of a body armour company, who was trying to prove the strength of their protective vests.

Mr Lachover was not seriously injured in the accident, reports UniLad.

In the video, Montakyo pulls out a large steel ‘commando knife’ that he claims is used commonly by armies. 

He then turns the reporter around and begins to stab him. The vest initially does it’s job but on the third stab the knife penetrates it.

Montakyo quickly realises this and shouts that he ‘missed’ before helping the injured reporter out of the vest.

The footage then quickly cuts back to the television studio.


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