Tavia Yeung rumoured to have asked for increment from TVB

31 March 2016 / 7 months 20 hours ago

After her wedding in England, Tavia Yeung resumed her work and promoted her new drama, The Last Healer in Forbidden City.

Tavia’s contract with TVB will be expiring in two days, and many reporters were eager to know about her next move, reports Asianpopnews

Reports said that Him Law would be focusing his career in China, and Tavia would be following him to expand her acting career there too.

When asked if she would join Him to expand her career in China, Tavia said, “It’s quite good for artistes to develop our careers in China. If he develops his career well, he can expand into the market there. If I am not working, I can visit him too.”

On her contract renewal with TVB, Tavia replied ambiguously, “There are still some details which need to be discussed. There is no confirmation yet, but wherever I go, my heart for TVB will never change.

"This circle is very small. I believe there will be chance to work together again. So, there is nothing to worry. I still hope that the ratings for this drama will be good.”

Meanwhile, other reports also said that Tavia had asked for a huge increment from TVB.

Although TVB was not too happy about her secret marriage with Him, they still persuaded her to stay and offered new incentives to entice her.

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