'Superstar Steven Lim Kor Kor' hits on 'chiobu' in search for new GF -- only to end up as butt of jokes

30 December 2015 / 10 months 1 day ago

Remember local artiste Steven Lim bragging about how he has been flooded with messages from girls wanting to 'apply' to be his new girlfriend?

Well, he might want to be sure about who he is chatting to before making such claims in the future.

Gushcloud blogger Kife Wee revealed earlier today on Facebook that he had come across Lim's video about him looking for a new girlfriend.

Hence, he decided to prank the social media star by posing as a girl and striking up a conversation with Lim on WhatsApp.

Wee had even changed his own WhatsApp profile picture to one of him cross-dressing and WhatsApp status to sound more like a girl.

It seems like the unsuspecting Lim fell for Wee's prank. In one screenshot, he can be seen telling Wee, "Sorry i got no time for friends... U want to be my gf issit?"

Wee wrote in his Facebook post, "I feel bad for doing this, but it was quite an enlightenment."

No worries, though. We are sure Steven Lim still has 'overflowing responses' from a ton of interested applicants who he can slowly have his pick from.

See their conversation in the gallery below for a good laugh.

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