'Steven Lim Superstar Kor Kor' thrilled to be told that he looks like Takeshi Kaneshiro

4 February 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

Steven Lim has responded to an earlier Stomp article about how someone texted him to say that he resembled heart-throb actor Takeshi Kaneshiro.

The stranger had told the local online personality: "My mum don't think you look like Tay Ping Hui, she says you look like Takeshi Kaneshiro," a screenshot of which Lim shared on his Facebook page.

Stomp then compiled a gallery to compare the looks of both celebrities.

Thanking Stomp and its entertainment portal Lollipop for the article, Lim wrote on his Facebook page yesterday (Feb 3): "They actually compared my pics along side heart throb 金城武 pics and they actually purposely find n freeze pics tat looks so much like him! Even myself I see the pictures, i actually buy into the idea i really look like him sia!"

"Thanks thanks Singapore Press Holdings and tio STOMP and Lollipop for always standing by me and making my day.. Love ya k?!

"Laughing and finding my sexy bones i had dropped while laughing at the story! Damn I dun look like Tay ping hui, but look like 金城武? Yaayyyyy! Whahhahahahahhahahaha!"

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