Steven Lim 'super pissed-off' after getting 'sabotaged' while revealing '9.5-pointer' lover

31 August 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Social media celebrity Steven Lim revealed his "9.5-pointer" lover to eager fans waiting at Orchard Cineleisure on Friday (Aug 28).

Lim however was irked by something that happened on the day of his big revelation. Said Steven Lim on his Facebook page:

"Super pissed off and angry arrggh! 

"Super Star Steven Lim Kor Kor was maliciously and purposely sabotaged by one of his helper, Michael Foo on the surprisingly full house casual fan Meet and Greet tat day with his surprisingly hot 9.5 Big NN Pink GF on 28th August 2015! 

"See how he sabo me! damn sia, super pissed off! Two new latest videos in one post! 

"Me and my current hot Gf currently r top local intrend showbiz news in Singapore!!! 

"I treated him so good even gave him assignments and this is how u treat me back?!!!!? Haf u ever been back stabbed by people before even u treated well?!! Do u know wats the feeling like being betrayed?!"

According to Steven Lim, the videographer whom he hired to document his big reveal 'purposely' tried to screw up the video by saying, "You think we so free ah? Sot* eh," while recording the event.

*Sot: Slang for crazy

The words were picked up by the recording device, much to the chagrin of Steven Lim. The social media celebrity also mentioned that he offered the videographer $20 to film the event at Cineleisure.

See photos related to what happened in the gallery below. 

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