Steven Lim forgives cameraman who 'sabotaged' him and calls him 'very very nice cutie guy'

1 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Social media celebrity Steven Lim has forgiven the videographer he hired to record the reveal of his "9.5 pointer" girlfriend to eager fans at Orchard Cineleisure on Friday (Aug 28).

Earlier, on his Facebook page, Lim ranted about how the cameraman whom he hired to document his big reveal 'purposely' tried to screw up the video by saying, "You think we so free ah? Sot eh," while recording the event.

The videographer has since apologised to the social media star via WhatsApp and big-hearted Lim took to Facebook to say that he has forgiven him. In his Facebook post, he wrote:

"If u haven seen this where r u? How r u guys!?

"Updates: Michael watsapped me just now sincerely say sorry.. i forgive him.. but actually he is a very very nice cutie guy as a matter of fact!

"Everyone makes some mistakes. Becos i supposed to make the video totally uncut, if i edit tat part out, its considered cut.. but, his videography still not too bad...pretty gd! the video is very nice!

"20 dollars for 18 mins work is ok right?! Not 5 dollars per hr at least.. My rule is simple like ABC, U make me look good, i make you look Great! Take ur pick!"

Browse through the gallery to see shots of Steven Lim's Facebook posts and his "9.5 pointer girlfriend".

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