S'pore's leading actresses open up about their exes -- and taking revenge

4 February 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

Lisa Twang
The New Paper
Wednesday, Feb 3, 2016

Dressed in black, the five female leads from upcoming Channel 8 drama The Queen looked super sexy, like maneaters on the prowl.

Which is fitting, because The Queen is about a group of femme fatale vigilantes called "Revenge Queen", which seeks justice for women wronged by cheating men. The 20-episode drama has elements of crime, action and romance.

Starring Apple Hong, Jesseca Liu, Priscelia Chan, Jayley Woo and Vivian Lai, it will premiere on Feb 18 and will air on weekdays at 9pm on Channel 8.

At the press conference for The Queen yesterday at Mandarin Orchard Hotel, three of the five leads shared their thoughts on revenge with The New Paper.

Liu, 36, confessed she had considered gaslighting a cheating ex some years ago, when she was "younger and less mature".

"I thought of stealing his key and going over to his house to mess with his things, like trading his shoes for a bigger size, or putting things in his shampoo, like the main character in that French movie Amelie," she told TNP with a laugh. "It was quite childish, but I didn't do it in the end."

Woo also admitted that thoughts of revenge had crossed her mind before, but she had never acted on them.

"I've had my fair share of relationships that ended badly, but I've always thought it's better to just live my life happily and post pictures on social media, knowing your ex can see them," the 24-year-old said.

"For someone to be on my revenge list, they need to have done something really bad, but luckily no one has hit that limit yet. I can go really crazy sometimes, and if I get angry, it'll be like a volcano erupting... It won't be pretty."

Woo, whose break-up with fellow actor Edwin Goh in 2012 was cast into the public eye after it was reported that he had kissed actress Dawn Yeoh, clarified that their split was mutual and ultimately for the best.

"At the time I thought it was such a big thing, but I was thankful people around me reassured me it was just a phase, and the whole incident was blown out of proportion because we were public figures.

"The stupidest thing (about the break-up) was thinking it was just my problem, and that I wasn't doing enough for the relationship. We've moved on and now lead our own happy lives," Woo added.

As for Hong, she is grateful she has never met anyone she has wanted take revenge on.

She said: "If a guy betrays me, I'll just continue to live my life. I don't believe in wasting my time and brain cells on plotting revenge."

The 37-year-old is preparing for her upcoming nuptials after a year-long engagement. She and her fiance have been dating for around six years.

Previously based in Beijing since 2012, Hong returned to Singapore last year as it is "a better place to set up a family".

"I haven't set a wedding date yet because I've been busy, but I will look into it soon," she said.


This article was first published on February 3, 2016. 
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