S'poreans sign satire petition for Sun Ho to perform in Countdown 2016 concert

1 December 2015 / 10 months 4 weeks ago

A petition for City Harvest Church co-founder and local artiste Sun Ho to perform at MedicaCorp's countdown concert on New Year's Eve has gained 335 signatures to date.

This comes after a petition for US singer Adam Lambert to be removed from the same concert, citing several controversial incidents he had been involved in, and argues that his "active promotion of a highly sexualised lifestyle and LGBT rights" are "contrary to mainstream Singaporean values".

A counter-petition voiced its support for Lambert and stated, "We the moral majority of Singapore utterly denounce and condemn the obvious sexual orientation discrimination demonstrated by the other petition on this site that is against Adam Lambert performing in Countdown 2016."

Both petitions gained over 20,000 signatures before they were closed.

Well, it seems like someone is poking fun at the original petition against Adam Lambert with this satire-filled one stating why Sun Ho should be added to the concert's lineup.

The petition started on Nov 28 said:

"We believe it is Sun Ho who has more of an 'unquenchable thirst to sing better, to live better, to love better, to be better.' (After all, we can't imagine why else she'd travel across the world to live for an extended period of time in a luxurious mansion if she wasn't trying to be a better artiste.)

"We call on people to rally for a performer who reminds the "majority of Singaporeans" of wholesome things such as family values, money, booty-shaking, money, some criminal case, money, God, money, church, and, of course, money. You know, 'mainstream Singaporean values.'

"Let us reject divisive things such as 'western liberal ideas about family values and societal models' and 'lewd acts in the name of entertainment' to 'preserve our nation’s moral fibre'.

"With Sun Ho as the closing act of Countdown 2016, we can look forward to a 'dignified family-friendly event' that is not 'offensive and potentially divisive'.

See the full post in the gallery below.

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