Spiting the mistress? Heidi Chan flaunts happy family photos with Alvin Chau

2 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Source: Asian Pop News

Macau gambling tycoon Alvin Chau has been sandwiched between his wife, Heidi Chan and his model girlfriend Mandy Lieu.

Within two weeks in May, both women gave birth to his daughters. Mandy reportedly leaked her birth news on May 20, and this provoked Heidi who was about to give birth at that time.

Recently, Alvin was said to have accompanied Mandy on a trip to Seoul. When Heidi knew about it, she got upset and gave her husband the cold shoulder. Despite begging for forgiveness, Heidi still refused to patch things back with Alvin.

It was until recently when the family threw a 100-day celebration for their baby girl Damiana, that the couple broke the ice, and started to be on talking terms again.

Yesterday, the couple also celebrated their elder daughter, Virginia’s 13th birthday together with their elder son, relatives and friends.

Heidi also shared some happy family photos on the Facebook. In the photos, it looks like she is having a loving relationship with her husband again.

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