Song Hye Kyo gets personal with fans on career and marriage

24 April 2016 / 6 months 1 day ago

Song Hye Kyo recently held a press event in Seoul where she fielded questions from fans all around the world.

Among the topics raised was the success in her acting career and marriage plans, reported the Korea Herald.

On acting, the 34-year-old said:

"Acting has never been easy, and it will never be. When I was younger, I thought time will tell. But as I become more seasoned, it was the complete opposite. I became very nervous whenever I start filming a new work, to this day. I think a lot about the character I play. I became stressed thinking about how to portray the character the best way.

"Even after completing a successful role, nothing much changes. I will do as I have always been doing. It won't lead to any change of direction in my career."

On life as a top celebrity:

"Song Hye-kyo is like an ordinary person. I used to have many friends to hang out with when I was young. I had so many that I could not take care of all of them. Nowadays, the older I get, I lose more friends. I became increasingly cautious in terms of relationships to the degree that I only hang out with those who can tolerate anything that I do. I cry if something bad happens, I grab a drink with friends when I get stressed out, I travel, I sometimes lash out at my closest friends. The only difference is that I'm a celebrity and I'm shown to the world. Apart from that, I think I'm like most women my age."

"Nowadays, as the filming session is complete, I usually stay idle. I was so stressed out and exhausted, which leaves me spaced out. Now is the time for recovery, without worrying about anything.

On her future acting roles and upcoming projects: 

"I haven't decided which project I will be engaged in. I hope I could work with like-minded staff and actors. I'm not sure whether my future project is Chinese or Korean."

"On the character I want to play in the future, I have a lot in mind, but as you see, there are only limited roles a Korean actress could play. I do get offers for roles in thrillers, a genre I never tried before, but I haven't accepted a role because there are many things to consider, like the quality of the writing. I wish there were more diverse choices for actresses, as there are for actors. A lot of great Korean actresses remain out of the limelight because the roles they can play are limited. I hope directors could offer actresses more diverse genres or more multidimensional characters.

On plans for marriage: 

"I'm old enough to get married. But I see myself swaying. One day I'm like 'I should marry someone soon' and another day I'm like 'Why get married? I'm a free-spirited individual. I can travel to all kinds of places without asking anyone's permission. I can do whatever I want.' But someday the day for marriage will eventually come.

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