'Snake spirit boy' sheds tears for beheaded Taiwan girl: 'I will rip murderer into pieces'

2 April 2016 / 6 months 3 weeks ago

Taiwanese citizens were shocked after a four-year-old girl has beheaded in broad daylight on Monday (Mar 28) in front of her mother on the streets of Taipei.

News of the tragic incident also caught the attention of infamous Internet celebrity Liu Zi-chen, also known as the 'snake spirt boy'.

According to Shanghaiist, Liu took Facebook to express his condolences to the girl who was brutally murdered.

Wrote the snake spirit boy: "If it was possible, 'elder sister' would sacrifice her own chin to kill the murderer to take revenge for 'Little Light Bulb'. 

Hours after publishing that those comments, Liu wrote again on Facebook: "I wish I could give this teddy bear to her, so she won't be alone. Please hold my hand as you make your way up to heaven and remember, there are no bad guys there. 

"Don't worry, I will avenge your death and rip your murderer into pieces."

33-year-old Wang Jingyu had used a cleaver to behead the young girl is in police custody.

See what the snake spirit boy posted as well as more photos related to the tragic incident in the gallery below. 

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