Sisley Choi suffers wardrobe malfunction while playing games at TVB drama event

23 June 2016 / 4 months 2 days ago

Sisley Choi suffered a wardrobe malfunction at a recent event to promote TVB drama Presumed Accidents with Lawrence Ng and Selena Li.

Wearing an off-shoulder white dress, she accidentally revealed her adhesive bra and tape while playing games with the cast on stage.

According to Jayne Stars, she later revealed that she "wasn’t expecting to get so into the games".

When asked if she had put on any "safety" undergarments, she boldly replied: “No, but it’s okay!”

Lawrence later pointed out that he was the one who exposed the most during the games and joked: "Some of the buttons on my shirt came off. I guess my pecs were just that great!”

Sisley and Selena also cleared up rumours that they did not get along on set due to Sisley grabbing the lead female role.

Selena said that rookie actresses like Sisley deserve to have more opportunities to cultivate their abilities while Sisley added:

“We all got along really well. I’m very happy and honored to get Selena’s support.”

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