Singer Park Yoochun charged with solicitation of prostitution, fraud

16 July 2016 / 3 months 1 week ago

Korean police charged actor-singer Park Yoochun with solicitation of prostitution and fraud, while clearing him of sexual assault allegations.

According to The Korea Herald via AsiaOne, the police said that it is "difficult to prove there was use of force" in the four sexual assault complaints brought against Park last month. 

However, he will be charged with solicitation of prostitution and fraud with regards to one of the four women who filed charges against him.

The woman will also be charged with prostitution.

Another woman who accused Park for sexual assault will be charged with making false claims.

Police said that during their investigation, they discovered that the first woman who filed sexual assault complaints against Park had sent a text message to an aquaintance stating that she "had sexual relations with Park after receiving a promise of payment." Park, however, did not pay her, police found. 

The promise of monetary compensation prior to sexual relations, even if no monetary transaction takes place afterwards, constitutes prostitution, according to police. 

Reneging on a promise of payment constitutes fraud, according to a prior Supreme Court ruling, police added. 

Park's mangement agency C-Jes Entertainment said that there is "no truth" to the charges of soliciation of prostitution.

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