Singer Annie Yi finds out she's pregnant -- after experiencing bleeding during 3km jog

23 January 2016 / 9 months 2 days ago

22 January 2016

Taiwanese singer Annie Yi shared on her Weibo account on Jan 18 that she found out she was pregnant only after going for a 3-km jog.

The 46-year-old wrote that because she was in the early stages of her pregnancy and wasn't showing any signs or symptoms, she went for a jog but soon experienced abnormal bleeding and cramps. She was scared but initially thought it was just her period.

Yi said it was lucky that the little one didn't "run away" and stuck to her. Her doctor was surprised that she was able to conceive as he had told her earlier that the chances were slim.

In her post, she also reminded women who wish to conceive, even when all hope seems lost, to take care of their bodies and not be "silly" like her.

She said: "If there had been a mishap, I will blame myself for life".

Taiwanese singer Annie Yi is going through her second naturally-conceived pregnancy, but without actor-husband Qin Hao by her side, reported My Paper.

At 46 years old, Yi's pregnancy is considered high risk. Following doctor's orders to avoid plane rides as her pregnancy is still unstable in the early stages, Yi has been staying in Taiwan and taking care of her body and baby.

On her Sina Weibo micro-blog, Yi shared that her teenage son, Harrison Yu, has been helping her emotionally and expressed worry on how the new addition to the family will affect their relationship.

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