Singapore blogger goes from A to D cup: ‘My new body makes me look good in anything’

8 February 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

Local blogger Effynius has always been conscious about her small chest and was made fun of her whole life because of her small breasts.

She then decided to turn to padded bras to boost her self confidence; however they did not give Effynius the effect that she wanted.

The blogger then decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery to get the bosoms that she had always dreamt of.

According to a report in PlastyTalk, Effynius turned to one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in Singapore, Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu, for a breast augmentation surgery.

Even though Effynius had decided on getting tear-drop implants she was unsure of the size she wanted.

She then got assessed by Dr Shen and told hi m about her preference.

Under Dr Shens’ professional assessment, he had suggested Effynius to go for 305CC (C/D cup). She was worried that C/D cup would be a little too big for her petite size, but she realised that she had made the right choice after seeing the results.

She underwent the procedure and suffered pain when the anesthesia wore off by the third day.

Although Effynius had to endure some pain during the recovery period, the blogger is extremely content with her new body.

She wrote on her blog: “And now with the arising trends for plastic surgery in Singapore, I took a bold step going under the knife – in beautifying myself. Many may disagree, but the less you care about others, the happier you will be.”

She added: “I am now confident to wear any tops that I fancy – low cuts, sexy dresses and stuff – without the need to worry if they look empty on top. My new body makes me look good in anything!

“I have now gained so much more confidence in me, and I sincerely thank Dr. Shens for everything.”

Check out the results in the gallery below.

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