'Shy' Nancy Wu will not allow her boyfriend to propose to her on stage

24 December 2015 / 10 months 2 days ago

Hong Kong’s new TV Queen Nancy Wu said she will not let her boyfriend propose to her on stage, stressing that she wants to draw a clear line between work and privacy.

According to Jaynestars, the 34-year-old recently attended a press conference for 'Sze U Tonight'’s upcoming concert, in which Nancy will be a guest performer. 

'Sze U Tonight' was a TVB talk show hosted by Johnson Lee and Pal Sinn from February to September 2015. The program, as well as hosts Johnson and Pal, respectively won My Favorite TVB Variety Program and My Favorite TVB Host in Variety Program at the 2015 TVB Star Awards Malaysia.

The upcoming concert will feature Johnson, Pal, and the Palwerful Band as the main performers. Nancy will be a guest performer with Pal’s wife, Paisley Hu.

Nancy’s boyfriend of one year, musician Terry Chan will be performing at the concert as one of the band members. When the reporters requested the performers to take photos together, Terry purposefully stood further away from Nancy.

Just as the reporters was about to ask Terry to take photos with Nancy, he quickly left the stage, leaving Nancy to deal with the reporters on her own.

“I am too shy,” explained Nancy.

Asking if her boyfriend would use this opportunity to propose to her on stage, she said, “I will not allow that to happen! Work is work”.


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