Show Luo left with 'crooked face' after Miss A's Suzy slaps him

26 November 2015 / 11 months 2 days ago

Show Luo has invited South Korean’s girl group, Miss A’s Suzy to sing the duet together with him in his new song, Together in Love.

According to Asian Pop News, the duo met at the YouTube Music Awards in Korea 2 years ago, but Suzy did not remember at all. 

Show said, “I had golden hair that time. Now, my hair is black. I looked different back then so Suzy can’t remember.”

Show and Suzy also filmed a MV recently. In the MV, the duo had to act like lovers and had many romantic scenes together such as holding hands and dancing.

In a not so romantic scene, Show was slapped by Suzy. While rehearsing the slapping scene, Suzy was worried that she would accidentally hit Show’s face.

She said, “I am scared you will feel painful.”

However, Show requested Suzy to do a real slap on his face.

Recalling the scene, Show laughed and said, “I was shocked when she first hit me. She said she wouldn’t really hit me. She would do a fake slap, but for the first time, she really slapped me. I thought she said she would do a fake slap. I was stunned for a moment.”

Show also said, “My face is now crooked, but I have thick skin. It’s not painful.”

Suzy felt guilty on slapping Show and said, “I am sorry. I wanted to do a fake slap. but Show was very professional. I thought it was better to do one good take, and we could finish the filming.”

Show also praised Suzy for singing the duet well in Mandarin. As her pronunciation was so perfect, Show could not even tell that it was a foreigner who sang it.

Watch Show Luo and Suzy’s duet: Together in Love:

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