Show Luo angers Taiwanese fans after declaring "we are all Chinese" in video

19 January 2016 / 9 months 6 days ago

Taiwanese pop singer and entertainer Show Luo enraged Taiwanese netizens after declaring in a video that "we are all Chinese."

The video showed Luo answering questions from Chinese fans, reports The China Post.

At one point he declared, "We don't have to be so precise because we are all Chinese" drawing applause and shouts of approval from some fans.

The response from netizens from Taiwan, however, was different. Luo lost around 10,000 likes on Facebook, but reportedly gained 50,000 likes on China's social media service Weibo.

Another netizen altered Luo's nationality to show that he was a citizen of the "People's Republic of China." Luo was born in Taiwan and holds R.O.C. citizenship.

Luo's publicist stated that "Show is a Taiwanese, born and bred. But he is Chinese through an education under Chinese culture. Isn't that the case for his peers or those older than him?"

Hsu Chiao-hsin, a KMT communications official said that netizens had the right to remove their likes of Luo on Facebook, but that the entertainer did not need to apologise for his remarks.

"No one needs to apologise for what they identify with," Hsu added in remarks published on Facebook.

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