Samantha Ko's friend tries to set her up with guys in the US

18 December 2015 / 10 months 2 weeks ago

Actress Samantha Ko was at the celebration party for TVB's Big Boys Club hitting 1,500 episodes recently.

She said that she had recently been to the US to visit her secondary schoolmates after performing in Vancouver.

Asian E-News Portal reports that she said her schoolmate's husband introduced some guys to her: "Her husband has a restaurant and he asked his friends to join in when we went there to eat.

When asked if there were any potential targets for her, she replied, "Very far. 'Long distance relationship'."

She was also asked if the guys there are okay. "Okay, and they speak a little bit of Mandarin. We can communicate better but it will be hard to maintain long distance romance."

Samantha was also queried is she exchanged contact numbers with any of them. She responded by saying, "Yes and they sent me the group photo we take together."

She added that she has not tried a long distance relationship before but broke up with her ex-boyfriend as he went overseas for further studies.

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