Ruby Lin spotted bringing Jerry Yan to her home at night -- but here's their 'excuse'

31 December 2015 / 9 months 3 weeks ago

In an unexpected twist, Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin was spotted bringing F4 member Jerry Yan to her home.

According to Asian Pop News, Jerry Yan’s love life has been a mystery, as he has been linked to many people.

Earlier, he rumoured to be dating Taiwanese model-actress Seanna Chang whom he described as a 'very important friend'. Ex-girlfriend Lin Chi-ling also openly said that she did not resist the idea of reconciling with Jerry.

However, it seems there is a new development.

According to Next Magazine, Jerry was at a restaurant having a gathering with a group of friends including Chen Meifeng and Pauline Lan on Dec 12.

Like his usual self, he was very reserved and spoke little during the meal.

At about 10 pm, Ruby appeared and after greeting the group, she sat right next to Jerry. Jerry seemed to be more bubbly after Ruby appeared.

Ruby, who was late offered a toast to the table. Jerry also took his glass of wine and toasted to the group of friends.

While they were chatting, Ruby was laughing heartily and she naturally leaned closely to Jerry’s shoulders at one point. Eventually, the duo sat at a corner and had a private chat.


The gathering ended in the midnight, and Jerry and Ruby shared a taxi together. When it reached Ruby’s place, both Ruby and Jerry got down together and walked to her apartment.

When the reports surfaced, Jerry’s manager said that Ruby and Vic Chou stayed at the same apartment building. Jerry wanted to visit Vic to congratulate him on his marriage.

Meanwhile, Ruby’s manager said that it was late at night, and hence Jerry offered to send her home. They are only friends.

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