Ruby Lin 'breaks her promise' to Alec Su by dating Wallace Huo

22 May 2016 / 5 months 2 days ago

Taiwan artiste Ruby Lin has broken another's heart by announcing her relationship with Wallace Huo.

According to Jaynestars, 40-year-old Ruby Lin and 42-year-old Alec Su became close friends after working on 'Princess Pearl' together.

Through the years, the two friends refer to each other as “super good friends”, and even made a promise to each other that if they do not get married by 40, they will marry each other.

However, Ruby seems to have broken that promise on Friday, when she announced to the world that she has been dating her longtime friend, 36-year-old Wallace Huo.

Netizens joked that Wallace was being relentless, and not even giving his good friend, Alec, an opportunity to pursue Ruby.

Jokes aside, Alec did say in an earlier interview that his relationship with Ruby is like that of siblings, deeper than just physical attraction or romantic love. Though he is still single, he never did take his promise with Ruby that seriously.

After Ruby and Wallace’s announcement, fans jokingly said they felt sorry for Alec, but added that he’s not alone. They joked that he could always seek comfort in Hu Ge, who is also alone because his other half, Wallace, is now dating Ruby.

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