Rosamund Kwan shocks the world by announcing: 'I'm not breaking up with BF, I'm divorcing'

5 November 2015 / 11 months 4 weeks ago

Hong Kong actress did not even confirm rumours of her marriage with her boyfriend of 8 years, so the news of her divorce definitely comes as a shock to many.

Asian Pop News reported that the 53-year-old shocked the world on Wednesday (Nov 4) when she addressed her recent breakup rumours with Taiwanese businessman boyfriend, Pierre Chen.

“We’re not breaking up, we’re divorcing," she said during an event in Taiwan.

She and Chen, 59, had dated for 8 years. The couple was earlier rumoured to have tied the knot in France in April.

However, Kwan declined to reveal the reason of their divorce, and refused to share when they had even gotten married.

She said calmly, “I have let go.”

A magazine recently published photos of Chen Tai Ming hiking with Carina Lau while Rosamund, who also enjoys hiking, was nowhere in sight. Speculations were rife that Carina caused the breakup.

Rosamund responded by saying, "“I think you all have read about the news recently. They are not kids anymore and are adults. They did not consider about other’s feelings.”

She added that she will start getting pursuers "from today".


Inside sources indicate that after living together, the couple realised they were not compatible and often quarrelled. Kwan reportedly would also get suspicious whenever Chen was with his female friends.

What allegedly drove them to divorce was Chen’s refusal to go public with their marriage.

Chen has 2 daughters from his previous marriage, and he was worried that his ex-wife, and his two girls would be upset about his remarriage. Rosamund did not wish to keep their marriage underground, as she could not even tell her friends about her marriage.

The couple eventually parted ways as they often quarrelled because of the issue.

Reports also said that Rosamund had refused to listen to Chen and be a stay-at-home wife.

Chen reportedly tried to salvage their marriage, but she refused to change her mind. Rosamund did not request for any alimony or a distribution of his assets.

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