Rookie celebrity breaks down after she and two other actresses made to strip naked for movie

5 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

Source: JayneStars

Upcoming Hong Kong film Lazy Hazy Crazy will be having its world premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival, competing in the Asian Future line-up. The movie, which is produced by Pang Ho Cheung and directed by newcomer Luk Yee Sum, held a celebratory event recently to commemorate the nomination.

Lazy Hazy Crazy stars rookie actresses Koyi Mak, Ashina Kwok, and Fish Lieu as teenaged girls who discover that they could make good money through “compensated dating.” Gregory Wong stars as the male lead.

The movie caught the media’s attention when it was reported that Gregory almost went fully nude to film an intimate scene with Ashina Kwok. But Gregory was not the only actor who sacrificed in the movie—the three female leads also had to strip off their clothes, and even auditioned nude.

The three leads—Koyi, Ashina, and Fish, revealed that they stripped off all of their clothes while shooting a video game scene. The scene is bold and daring. The girls expressed that they are thankful to have such supportive parents.

Fish was in tears as she recalled, “My family received a lot of unkind comments and they were put in lot of pressure. Because I will be nude in the film, someone told my mother that I was making category III films and becoming a sex actress.”

Pang Ho Cheung defended the movie, explaining that the nude scenes in the film are not just for the sake of making noise. The nude scene was already planned since the beginning of the film’s conception. During auditions for the movie, Pang Ho Cheung demanded the rookie actresses’ to act out the video game scene nude.

“It wasn’t a prank,” he said. “I wanted to observe their reactions and see if they would get nervous or embarrassed while being naked.”

After casting Koyi, Ashina, and Fish, Pang Ho Cheung arranged for the girls to live in a dormitory together, hoping that it would build their chemistry.

Lazy Hazy Crazy has been receiving attention for having nudity, but lead actress Koyi said the movie has substance with a thoughtful script. She hopes the movie will receive critical success.

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