Roger Kwok: None of my 'mistresses' have a happy ending

18 December 2015 / 10 months 1 week ago

Roger Kwok, Joey Meng and Vincent Wong recently attended a press conference for the new series, Fatal Resurrection. Roger lost 9kg and kept an unkempt appearance for his role as a savage person.

Roger expressed losing 11kg was his target and said: "I still need to reduce 2 to 3kg and subsequently gain weight for another role.

"I discovered losing weight is easier than gaining weight. I depend mainly on exercise and eating a sumptuous breakfast and vegetarian dinner.

"Earlier, my son asked me about the reason for me to reduce weight drastically and I showed my photos of my character to him. He then asked why I need to act in this role and I explained that I was trapped for 10 years."

Asian E-News Portal reports that Roger disclosed he spent three hours daily to apply make-up and said: "I have this look for the first few episodes and when recalling memories.

When asked if TVB was testing him with this role, he said, "probably they feel I can handle it and I need to travel to Vietnam for location shooting in mid March. The show's theme is about being active and surviving.

Roger was also asked about his many mistresses in the series: "But they do not have any happy ending and need to depend on the director when filming intimate scenes."

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