Relationship goals: Glenn Ong and Jean Danker love food -- and teasing each other

12 February 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

Lisa Wang
The New Paper
Feb 10, 2016

Local radio personalities Glenn Ong and Jean Danker love both their food and teasing each other.

At Spanish restaurant Catalunya, the celebrity couple continually poked fun at each other while sampling the special Valentine's Day set menu.

"Maybe for Valentine's Day this year, I'll make you the best microwave meal of all time," Ong, 45, joked to Danker in his interview with M.

"Sure, why not? I'm a simple kind of girl, I can appreciate that," Danker, 37, replied gamely.

"Glenn says he's planning something special for us this Valentine's Day, but I know he's lying and would've just forgotten if we weren't doing this interview," she added, rolling her eyes.

For ONE FM 91.3 DJ Ong and Class 95 DJ Danker, who have been dating for seven years and engaged for five, it was their second time at Catalunya together.

"I've visited with my girlfriends before and decided to come back again with Glenn," said Danker.

"It has such a beautiful ambience and view of the (Marina Bay) river and the food here is always delicious."

The lovebirds tried the special Valentine's Day set menu consisting of a variety of tapas, a tuna tomato salad, a choice of two mains (charcoal grilled beef ribeye with mushrooms or poached sea bass in salsa verde with white bean and asparagus) and a chocolate fondue dessert.

Ong said: "I liked the ribeye best as I'm a beef person and it was cooked medium well, just the way I like it.

"And the tuna tomato salad had a real harmony to it. It had big slices of tuna that blended perfectly with the pickled chillies and tomatoes,"

Danker's favourites were the Jamon Iberico tapas dish and sea bass.

"The Jamon Iberico was really yummy, especially when eaten with the bread with tomatoes. I usually order fish as my main dish and this sea bass was really fresh, light-tasting and perfectly seasoned," she said.

How do you usually spend Valentine's Day?

Danker: Glenn likes to spoil me and take me to someplace fancy.

Ong: We've been to (French restaurant) DB Bistro Moderne and (Franco Asian restaurant) Sky on 57 at Marina Bay Sands. Danker: Glenn is very generous and will get me something pretty and shiny from Tiffany & Co. It's not easy to buy him presents as he really has everything so I just shower him with love and kisses (laughs).

What's a typical dinner date like for you?

Danker: We eat out a lot and usually at Paragon because Glenn lives in the Orchard area. We'll meet for dinner after my shift ends at 8pm and sometimes catch a movie afterwards.

Ong: We go to Gastronomia for a good variety of healthy food, Din Tai Fung, Akashi Japanese Restaurant or PS. Cafe.

Danker: I must say, we eat pretty well.

Anything that brings out the romantic in you?

Ong: For us, it's yong tau foo. Somehow, every time we go to Ampang Niang Tou Fu at East Coast Road, we're always feeling very lovey-dovey.

Danker: He's right, it's my favourite.

Ong: Then I get durians from next door...That's quite romantic.

Who's the better cook?

Ong: Jean doesn't cook much at all so at home it's usually me.

Danker: Actually, Glenn makes the most amazing meals in the microwave. He can produce pasta, salmon with potatoes and broccoli, and even scrambled eggs in the microwave and they're all delicious. You'd never be able to tell.

What do you both dislike eating?

Ong: I don't dislike it, but I've stopped eating laksa for health reasons since I turned 40. To me, it's like you're just drinking oil.

Danker: Glenn is the more adventurous eater between us. I won't eat anything that's alive and moving, and frog's legs, chicken feet, turtle soup and kway chap are all out for me.

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