Rebecca Lim apologises for upsetting fans and those dearest to her

27 February 2016 / 8 months 1 day ago

Yip Wai Yee
The Straits Times
Feb 26, 2016

Actress Rebecca Lim has finally taken to social media to say sorry, about two weeks after the ill-conceived publicity stunt where she had duped the public about "retiring".

On her Instagram account (@limrebecca) and her Facebook page, she wrote late Thursday night (Feb 25):

"Recently, I've been reminded that being an artiste comes with great responsibilities. I know I have upset many of you, including those dearest to me. Please accept my humblest apologies.

"I've taken to heart many lessons, and hope that you will be patient with me as I continue to learn and grow. To my fans The Beckers Team, friends and family, thank you all for your love and concern."

Although the 29-year-old star did not reference the stunt directly, it is understood that she is referring to the incident where she had written on Instagram that she was "retiring".

Members of the public showed support, but quickly turned angry when she revealed later on in the day that it was in fact a marketing gimmick for insurance company NTUC Income.

Now that she has finally apologised, the comments on her social media accounts appear to be generally supportive.

But in the age of the Internet where information is plenty and memories are short, it seems that some fans have forgotten the incident altogether.

An Instagram user by the name mactoria_ wondered "what happen", while @marklee8214 commented: "I am sure this incident has directly or indirectly diluted the brand value of mercedes benz. I for one will nvr support benz anymore".

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