Rebecca Lim and Ian Fang: Just friends... or?

4 December 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

Jocelyn Lee
The New Paper
December 3, 2015

They give each other pet names. And they have been out on several "dates".

The close friendship between local actress Rebecca Lim and actor Ian Fang is real - and it could heat up further.

Lim, 29, told The New Paper yesterday: "I am very comfortable with Ian, and that comfort is something I look for in a relationship. As of now, we are very, very good friends, but I am not going to say the ultimate no. Never say never."

Lim was speaking on the set of the new Channel 8 drama The Truth Seekers, in which she plays an independent and straightforward cold case investigator.

The show, which will air next April and also features Desmond Tan, Chen Hanwei, Yusuke Fukuchi and Hong Ling, tells the story of four cold case investigators with vastly different personalities who work together to solve crimes.


Lim revealed that she would meet Fang, 26, for meals whenever they were both free. She also confides in Fang, telling him her personal problems and secrets.

"He is someone whom I can trust, I told him some secrets and he kept them to himself. Two to three years ago, I faced some personal problems, and he was there for me. The support meant a lot," she said,

"Ian is also a good listener and surprisingly, he gives good advice. He is younger than me, but sometimes I feel like I am younger than him."

The A-list actress also defended Fang, who has a bit of a reputation as a "bad boy" for his straight-talking and devil-may-care attitude.

She said the Shanghai-born Singapore-based actor is someone who is very much misunderstood by the public. She added that Fang is a "softie at heart", dotes on his mother and is passionate about his job.

She said: "He dislikes silence, so he would go around poking fun at people to make them feel more comfortable when he is in a big group. Sometimes, people end up picking on him because of that. He is misunderstood all the time."

Fang, who is currently in Taiwan for work, sings praises of Lim too.

He told TNP over the phone: "She is definitely a perfect girl for men. She is caring, considerate, easy to work with, and a filial daughter. Many veterans love her too."

He added: "I will let fate decide for the two of us. You cannot say yes or no..."

While Lim's friendship with Fang is heating up, things with her decade-long good friend Desmond Tan seem to have cooled off.

The pair have always been labelled as the BFFs (Best Friends Forever) of Caldecott Hill, but have not been hanging out that much lately.

Lim denied that Fang had "dethroned" Tan as her BFF.

She said: "There is never any animosity between us, and we are still friendly on set. We certainly do not hate each other and it's not awkward between us."

Lim and Tan, who shared their first kissing scene in the drama Second Chance earlier this year, play a couple for the second time in The Truth Seekers.

The script requires a passionate kissing scene between the two, but the on-screen couple is trying to change that because they feel that it is not necessary for the story.

Lim said: "My grandparents watch my shows. Whenever I have a kissing scene, they would comment: 'Huh? Kiss again?' Sometimes, it feels unnatural and it's not necessary."

When asked to compare Tan and Fang, the affable actress declined to do so, saying that they are very different people.

Lim said: "Well, Desmond has his own personal life so I feel that it's not nice for me to impose on him. As for Ian, he doesn't, so I don't feel so bad. I think that's a huge difference."

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