'Real-life doll' wants to upgrade her 30JJ breasts -- even though they might explode

23 November 2015 / 11 months 1 week ago

Blondie Bennett is the newest 'Human Barbie' to emerge, but she takes it one step further. 

According to coed, the 39-year-old model prides herself as being a 'bimbo f**kdoll'.

She’s also the most recent person to publicly declare that she wants to become a human barbie.

She has 30JJ breasts and has declared that she wants yet another upgrade, “I just want to look like tits on a stick.”

However, TV surgeons refused to do the work, especially after hearing that she’s had a tumour on her chest twice and that the skin around her implants has thinned. Making them any bigger could also cause them to explode.

The California blonde has already undergone Botox, cheek implants, chin liposuction and five breast enlargements, all of which cost over $38,000.

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