Photo of Nine Muses‘ Kyungri used in lewd poster with sexual taglines

25 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Nine Muses's agency plans to take legal action against those who have produced a lewd promotional poster using member Kyung Li's sexy pictorial without permission.

Previously, the computer engineering major at Kunsan National Universityreleased a promotional poster for their fundraising event that used an image of Kyungri accompanied by various sexual taglines, reports Soompi.

Fans and online communities have since actively spoken out against the poster and the inappropriate comments written on the poster.

According to allkpop, Star Empire stated through its official Twitter on September 24, "We relay Star Empire's stance below regarding the lewd promotional sign that came up at a certain university's festival back on the 23rd.  

"The people who produced this sign, which was taken too far, and of course the people in question who used this [sign] as a means of promotion have severely violated the promotion and information protection used by the Information Network System; on top of that, we are planning to take legal action for defamation and the violation of portrait rights.

"Star Empire relays the stance that from now on, we will no longer settle for favorable arrangements, rather taking strict and strong action regarding posts and comments that circulate groundless 'truths,' violate portrait rights, or behave in a malicious and defamatory way different from the truth in both the on and offline spheres regarding the celebrities under our agency and the agency itself."

View more droolworthy gifs and pictures of Kyungri below.

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