Oops: Lynn Hung turns heads with sexy deep V dress -- then ends up exposing herself

7 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Lynn Hung and Karena Ng attended the press conference for the movie Ip Man 3. 

Lynn wore a sexy deep V white dress but the tape that acted as safety precaution did not hold and she was exposed unfortunately. 

Other than Lynn, Karena Ng also stole the limelight by wearing a dress which revealed her beautiful back. 

The male lead, Donnie Yen expressed that he did not dare look at the actress. Said the Ip Man actor: "Did you (Lynn) go to wrong place? Lynn acts as my wife in the movie and she is very conservative."

Lynn acted as Ip Man's wife again and disclosed the most unforgettable scene was the argument with Donnie in the movie.

"This scene illustrates I am afraid of losing him and I had to slap Donnie very hard.  I did not dare slap him for the first 2 takes and slapped him very hard for the third time until his face was red."

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