Oops! Did Hong Huifang wear the same dress as someone else at Star Awards 2016?

18 April 2016 / 6 months 6 days ago

Turning up at the same event in an outfit identical to someone else's can be completely mortifying, especially if you are a celebrity.

Stomper MN was surprised when she noticed local actress Hong Huifang sporting a dress similar to what another woman was wearing, while watching the live telecast of the Star Awards 2016 red carpet yesterday (Apr 17).

Photos of the event and what both women wore (1)(2) were also posted on Channel 8's Instagram account

MN was not the only one who spotted the similarity in fashion choices either, as other Instagram users also pointed out their observations.

It is unclear who the other female is, but a caption accompanying the group photo she was in said, "Power of getai stars!"

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