Nicky Wu injures himself after getting thrown off ox cart during reality show

18 July 2016 / 3 months 1 week ago

Nicky Wu’s right shoulder has always been rather unstable, and any extra range of motion would cause the shoulder to dislocate.

Although he has already underwent surgery to remove the the shoulder’s cartilage tissue and replace it with five small metal rods, Nicky would still suffer shoulder pains during weather changes.

Recently, the Taiwanese actor has been active on reality television, and he is currently starring in the Chinese version of South Korea’s Law of the Jungle.

On the show, he and the cast traveled to Madagascar to interact with the Sakalava people, as well as learn how to survive in the jungle on their own.

In the latest episode, the cast participated in the traditional Saklavan competition, which involved racing in an ox cart, reports Asianpopnews.

During training, Nicky lost his balance and fell off the cart, landing on the ground.

It is currently unknown if the fall had worsened his shoulder injury.

After watching the episode, fans rushed to social media to voice their concerns for the Taiwanese superstar.

They gave him their blessings and wished Nicky to stay stay healthy and recover soon.

Nicky Wu
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