Nick Jonas, Pitbull perform for teen's lavish $6-million 15th birthday party

11 March 2016 / 1 year 1 month ago

Celebrities, lavish decorations and a $6-million dollar price tag: Is this 15-year-old teenager the luckiest girl in the world?

According to DailyMail, Maya Henry from San Antonio, Texas, had an extravagant birthday party for her 15th birthday by her lawyer father, Thomas.

She had celebrities Nick Jonas and Pitbull performing at her party, makeup artist Patrick Ta who has worked with the Kardashians and photographer Donna Newman, who has worked with Michelle Obama.

Her dresses was designed by designer Rolando Santana.

The party cost $6 million, and was attended by 600 people. Her family arrived in a police escort of nine Rolls Royce vehicles.

The beautiful pictures showed the area planted with cherry trees, with flowers and butterflies hanging from the ceiling, and even fake peacocks for the whimsical feel -- 150 party planners made this fairytale a reality.

The party was flawless, and the birthday girl thanked her parents: "It was an amazing night, one I will never forget. I am so thankful to everyone who attended and to my amazing parents, who literally made my dreams come true."

Maya has 31,000 followers on Instagram, and it seems she is frequently hanging out with celebrities. Her photos show her meeting Justin Bieber, One Direction, even Hilary Clinton and more.

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