Nicholas Tse's mother allegedly denied access to grandsons by Cecilia Cheung

18 May 2016 / 5 months 1 week ago

18 May 2016

Did actress Cecilia Cheung bar her former mother-in-law Deborah Li from visiting her sons?

Last Saturday, in an interview at the Cannes Film Festival, producer Tiffany Chen caused an uproar when she said Li had complained to her about being denied access to her grandsons, reported Apple Daily.

The mystery deepened when Li later confirmed that she had attended Quintus' recent birthday celebration but did not deny Chen's comments.

Li, mother of actor Nicholas Tse, told Apple Daily: "A few days ago, I celebrated my grandson's birthday with him.

"Since coming back, this grandma has swooned for many days because they've really grown up."

She did not confirm Chen's comments, however, and instead asked the media to "spare" her.

The boy turned six last Thursday. Last Saturday, his mother threw him a party but his father and grandparents were nowhere to be seen in the party photos that surfaced online.

On Monday, Cheung's manager hit back at Chen by sharing on Weibo photos of Li with the boys Lucas and Quintus.

But in those pictures, the children are wearing different clothes from what they were photographed in last Saturday.

Chen said of Cheung: "She's a 'best actress'. She's good at putting on a show. I'm stupid. I trained an actress to blacken my name."

A former champion of Cheung, Chen not only cast the actress in movies but also publicly defended her and took her side during her personal crises.

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