Nicholas Tse proposed but got rejected by Faye Wong -- thrice

24 February 2016 / 8 months 1 day ago

It's been a year since Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse reunited after 11 years, when they were married and then divorced with other people.

The couple are said to be as loved-up as ever but according to JayneStars, Faye is reluctant to marry again.

Her past two failed marriages have made her wary and it is reported that Nicholas proposed to Faye throice, but she turned him down each time.

Faye's close friend Carina Lau, however, has slammed these rumours.  She said that she does not believe Faye would ever turn down Nicholas if he proposed to her.

She said: "They’ve been so in love with each other ever since the two of them got back together. I’m actually jealous. Very jealous, actually, because they only see each other in their eyes. They don’t see me!

"Actually, [Faye and I] rarely meet up anymore. The two of them are always together now. When a woman’s in love, she’ll only care about him, and not her friends! This is normal."

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