Nicholas Tse and ex-wife Cecilia Cheung release joint statement to debunk recent rumours

24 April 2016 / 6 months 16 hours ago

It has been a hard week for Cecilia Cheung and her ex-husband Nicholas Tse.

Recently, flyers were posted all over the streets alleging that Cecilia had broken a film contract and owes them $32 million HKD.

Nicholas on the other hand has had to deal with rumours that his youngest son, Quintus, refuses to see him

The two events have prompted the former celeb couple to release a joint statement denouncing the harmful rumours, reports

With regards to Cecilia Cheung receiving an anonymous phone threat about her owing $32 million, her manager, Emiy said:

“If there is evidence, then pursue legal action. No need to use such lowly methods, akin to the triads, to smear others. Cecilia has contacted the police through her lawyers for her safety. Her lawyers have also requested the police to find the culprit as soon as possible. We will not take this lightly.”

As for a magazine's claim that Nicholas Tse's son does not want to be with him, the ex-couple stated that they have always had a good relationship despite their divorce.

According to HKTOPTEN, they said:

"We have always maintained a decent relationship. For our two sons from education to life we maintained decent and close communication. 

"Both sides are working hard to ensure that both sons would grow up in a healthy and happy environment. 

"We have a mutual understanding for scheduled family gatherings and meetings with our two sons, which is what the so-called 'people around us' and 'people in the know' in the report did not know; how we and our two sons got along only we would know the most about. 

"We plead with these 'people around us' and 'people in the know' not to further make up stories to harm the children. We also hope that individual media outlets would not again report stories that 'people in the know' made up and/or make any untrue reports, thus affecting the children and leaving them with unnecessary childhood scars. 

"Over the years we bear the pressure of negative media reports while at the same time maintained the close relationships between family members. 

"We would do our best to protect our sons so they can continue to grow in a happy and healthy environment. 

"We sincerely hope that all our friends in the media would understand the hearts of parents. 

"Everyone love their children and their hearts would break over any harm they suffer. 

"We please plead with all our friends in the media to stop reporting such false and damaging reports."

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