New loves for Charmaine Sheh? She was spotted with mystery men on trip to Thailand

15 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

The film adaptation of the popular TVB drama, Return of the Cuckoo, will be released in the fall. Charmaine Sheh, Chilam Cheung, Joe Chen, and Nancy Sit promoted for the movie earlier.

Since turning her focus to film movies in the last year, Charmaine hopes to pursue further film opportunities after her contract with TVB ends. Recently, reports claimed that TVB extended Charmaine’s contract another four months, much to her dismay.

However, Charmaine denied these claims and clarified that her contract is due to expire in February 2016, reports Jayne Stars

“Right now, it feels like I’m on vacation mode already. But it’s time to think about [whom to sign with]. What’s most important is to consider my career prospects when deciding whom to sign with. I hope to have more developments in the movie sector.”

With many film production companies vying for her, Charmaine did not deny the possibility of signing with the Shaw Brothers.

“We have discussed it. They have many upcoming productions.” Despite slowing down her television series output, Charmaine continues to enjoy an abundance of opportunities.

Last year, she splurged $30 million HKD on a luxurious living unit in Sai Kung.

“It’s for me, but my mother wants to live with my brother, his family, and I. It’s currently being renovated and I’m not sure when we can move in. The renovation fees are costly, so I have to work hard to earn more money!”

Praying for Good Fortune in Romance

Although Charmaine has been enjoying the successes of her career, her love life appears lackluster.

Even ex-flame Kevin Cheng has found new love with Miss Hong Kong beauty, Grace Chan.

Recently, Charmaine was spotted visiting temples and vacationing in Thailand with two males by her side.

When asked about her current dating life, Charmaine denied that either of the two men was her boyfriend.

“I just went to pray for safety. There were both men and women [on the trip].”

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