Netizens urge Bosco Wong to 'snatch back' ex-GF Myolie Wu

9 November 2015 / 11 months 3 weeks ago

Myolie Wu has announced her engagement to entrepreneur Philip Lee on Oct 5, breaking all "Boscolie" shippers' hearts.

Myolie and Bosco were the 'it' couple of TVB back then. They were in an eight-year relationship before announcing a tearful breakup in 2012.

According to Asian E-News Portal, Wu was full of smiles and wore the wedding ring when attending an event.

Myolie and Philip, who is Selena Li's ex-boyfriend, had been dating for a year.

Philip invited their friends and planned a combined celebration for Myolie's 36th birthday and the engagement.

Many netizens urged Bosco Wong to snatch her back. They left messages saying that unfortunately it was not him to accompany her eventually but they hope he will find his true love soon.

Bosco also graciously sent his blessings and he said through WhatsApp with ON.CC: "Hope she will have happiness and grow old with her partner together!"

But he does not reply with regards to the netizens urging him to snatch Myolie back.

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