Netizens going crazy over Nine Muses' Kyungri because of her 'fatal sexiness'

11 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Nine Muses Kyungri is one of the sexiest females idols out there right now -- and netizens are taking notice of her.

According to a report in Koreaboo, Nine Muses is a group known for their tall, slim and sexy bodies that all of the members have.

All members are at least 170 cm tall with model-like features and also show off their beautiful faces. In the group however, member Kyungri comes to peoples’ minds first when they think of the word ‘sexy.’

Korean media Dispatch compiles photos of the sexiest member of Nine Muses, Kyungri.

Here is the direct translation of Dispatch‘s article.

“Nine Muses Kyungri is an up and coming sexy idol. She shows off her fatal sexiness even amongst many female idols. Especially, her sexiness becomes even more fatal during her performance on stage."

Browse through the gallery to see more images of the star.  

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