Netizens go gaga over Girls' Generation Yuri's gorgeous cousin

19 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Girls' Generation Yuri's pretty visuals definitely run in the family!

In the latest episode of 'Channel Girls' Generation', Yuri revealed her cousin who looks like she could be in a girl group too, reports allkpop.

Fans may already know of the idol's cousin's pretty looks, but for everyone who may not know about her, Yuri introduced her relative saying,

"This is my younger cousin, Vivian."

Seeing her cousin's beautiful complexion, Yuri asked,

"Your skin is so nice. What's your skincare routine?"

Vivian replied shyly, "I put on a facial mask every single day and...I wash my face well."

Yuri exclaimed,

"That just means means you were born with it!"

According to Koreaboo, netizens commended Yuri's looks saying:

"She was on Channel SNSD for a short while and she was really beautiful".

Another netizen wrote:

"They have the same grace about them."

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