Netizens frightened and shocked by Grace Chan's transformation in drama

20 May 2016 / 5 months 1 week ago

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) wasn’t very well-received when she had her leading lady debut in last year’s Captain of Destiny <張保仔>, but some netizens are retracting their negative comments about her after watching Blue Veins <殭>.

In the latest episodes of Blue Veins, Grace Chan’s Yoyo has been finally turned into a vampire by Ling Fung (Joel Chan 陳山聰), reported Jayne Stars.

To win the heart of Ying Wut-cheuk (Kevin Cheng 鄭嘉穎), she goes against her older sister Mung-nam (Kay Tse 謝安琪), an ancient vampire, and attempts to kill her.

Upon seeing Grace Chan transforming into a vampire with soulless black eyes, fangs and claws, netizens said they were on the edges of their seats as they watched Grace’s confrontation scene with Kay.

A netizen said, “Grace Chan looks really scary here. It’s enough to win TV Queen!”

Several netizens said they were shocked by Grace’s transforation, praising that she looked like a convincing vampire: “Even her voice change was creepy! She’s definitely the scariest of the lot!”

See images from the scene below.

Grace Chan, TVB
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