Netizens discover Show Luo and GF Grace Chow have matching couple tattoos

4 July 2016 / 3 months 3 weeks ago

Taiwanese pop star Show Luo has been dating Chinese Internet celebrity and fashion blogger Grace Chow for a year now.

Since they came public with their relationship, they have com under fire with many of Show's fans questioning Grace's questionable and "malicious intents".

However, it seems that the couple have been able to maintain a steady relationship despite the negativity.

According to Jayne Stars, sharp-eyed netizens have spotted the couple sporting matching tattoos.

Show posted a photo of himself doing pull ups where fans noticed an "infinity" symbol on his ankle.

Several days later, Grace posted a photo of herself in bed with a matching symbol on her ankle too.

Maybe it's a sign that their relationship will last.

Only time will tell.

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