Netizen points out that JJ Lin and busker he sang duet with might be in trouble

24 November 2015 / 11 months 1 week ago

Singaporean singer-songwriter, JJ Lin was shopping at the Taipei’s Xinyi district two evenings ago when he suddenly heard a street busker sing his hit song, Jiang Nan <江南>.

JJ walked over and listened attentively to the busker, before spontaneously joining him in an impromptu duet.

Passers-by still had no idea that it was the pop star himself, until he opened his mouth and sang the first line, causing them to go gaga.

After he finished the duet, he clapped for the busker and encouraged him. JJ’s simple gesture has motivated the busker, who left a note on his Facebook, saying that it was his good fortune to sing with the pop star.

The video which was posted by JJ on his Facebook has since garnered over five million views and received more than 310,000 likes.

However, a netizen pointed out that JJ did not apply for a permit to perform on streets that and his act could be illegal, reports Asian Pop News.

Taipei authorities have responded that JJ’s act did not breach the law, as it was only a short impromptu performance. However, the busker did not have a legal permit to perform

JJ’s recording label, Warner Music responded, “We will take note in future.”

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