Neighbours call cops after rich couple flaunts lavish lifestyle by throwing party with lion

2 October 2015 / 1 year 3 weeks ago

This couple may be young and beautiful -- but they're also rich and annoying.

According to a report on Distractify, the couple, Mr and Mrs. Yotta lives in Hollywood and are irritating their neighbours.

The neighbours have called the police to complain about Mr. and Mrs. Yotta on multiple occasions.

For example, their housewarming party in June had 350 guests and a lion.

Their parties have been compared to the parties at the Playboy Mansion.

According to their site, these lifestyle coaches are helping people find " for the problems of mankind, make them satisfied and happy, and enjoy your success..."

Mr. Yotta told the Daily News:

"Maybe the neighbors are seeing beautiful girls walking in, walking out; maybe some of them get jealous," he suggested of his critics who he urged to "ring my bell" if they have a problem. Always, communication between human beings is the best solution," he said.

"If you have a problem, tell me."

Browse through the gallery to view the couple's lavish lifestyle. Images via: Instagram, Yotta Life

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